PROFIS anchor earthquake calculations


Precision solutions for anchor seismic design

Why start from scratch to evaluate, select, and design anchor systems for seismic applications when you can take advantage of our years of experience and research in anchoring system seismic performance

Performing seismic calculations according to American Concrete Institute (ACI) 318-08, Appendix D design methods is as easy as using Hilti PROFIS Anchor Design software. We have designed PROFIS Anchor Earthquake Calculations to integrate a variety of detail that helps you calculate performance capacities. Simply select a design method, indicate seismic design, and enter the appropriate seismic design approach.

Ductile Anchor Yielding

Seismic ductile anchor yielding

When you select the steel strength of a ductile anchor element as being your desired failure mode, the PROFIS Anchor Earthquake Calculations will filter the solution for products that satisfy the American Concrete Institute (ACI) 318-08 definition of a ductile steel element. If the ductile anchor yielding is not the limiting resistance, you are automatically protected. The software will generate a design report output stating, “Fastening does not meet the design criteria.”

Ductile Fixture Yielding

ductile fixture yielding

You can also choose that the fixture being held in place by the anchor will be the limiting resistance in the design and yield in a ductile manner. For that approach, we have enabled PROFIS Anchor Earthquake Calculations to make the appropriate adjustments when you input the corresponding loads of the anchor-attached element.

Non-Ductile Failure

Non-ductile failure

When your job site applications call for a design with nonductile failure—corresponding to a limiting design resistance of brittle steel, concrete failure or anchor pullout—PROFIS Anchor Earthquake Calculations can also apply the appropriate reduction factor to the design strength according the American Concrete Institute (ACI) 318-08 code. This is often necessary for common job site applications with limited edge distance and anchor spacing.

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